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Integrated Data Center Instructure Solutions

Siemon Interconnect Solutions offers high-performance and high density physical layer infrastructure solutions for todays' hyperscale data centers. Supporting solutions for server, storage and network environments.

SIS has focused its century of cabling expertise into a global data center service network, capable of guiding you through the process of selecting and designing the infrastructure upon which your entire data center will rely. SIS's comprehensive line of V-Built Cabinet solutions delivers the design flexibility and options to deploy the physical infrastructure you need - and not be limited by what your cabinets can support. SIS's line of V-Built Cabinet solutions covers nearly any network infrastructure requirement: 4-post and 2-post racks, exclusive rack-mount vertical cable managers, cable trays, PDUs and much more. Siemon Interconnect Solutions has developed a line of intelligent PDU's which provide valuable energy consumption data while reliably delivering power to critical IT equipment to maximize data center and equipment efficiency.

V800 Cabinets

Siemon's V800 cabinet with valuable Zero-U space and excellent thermal efficiency is the ideal foundation for a micro data center-ready V-Built, arriving on site or at an integrator's location ready for UPS and active equipment installation. Siemon's V600 cabinet is also an option for lighter edge computing needs. These micro data center-ready V-Built Cabinets can be easily optimized with Siemon solutions that support switches, storage devices and servers in a single cabinet while providing the monitoring, control and security micro data centers require.

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Lightstack Patching

LightStack, Siemon's Ultra High-Density Fiber Plug and Play System, is the perfect combination of superior performance, ultra-high density, and unmatched accessibility - all packaged in sleek, modern 1U and 4U enclosures that manage fiber cable like never before. Designed for advanced data centers, network and storage area environments, while providing a seamless migration to 40 and 100 gigabit applications.

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