Ruggedized Copper and Fiber Cables

Connecting The World To A Higher Standard™

Bulk Cabling for Harsh Environments

Siemon Ruggedized Cables protect critical network connections from dust, moisture, chemicals and vibration found in harsh environments. With copper options available in Category 5e, 6 and 6A shielded and UTP configurations and fiber optic cabling, LC adapters and ZMAX outlets, Siemon systems offer 360° solutions for industrial environments, protecting data from end to end.

Category 6 and 6A UTP Copper Cables

Siemon offers a full line of Category 6 and 6A cables with the highest performance margins across all critical transmission parameters. Either option offers field terminatable, end-to-end systems for a wide variety of performance levels, with Cat 6A expanding the distance up to 100 meters and considerably reduces alien crosstalk.

Cat 6A UTP Indoor/Outdoor Cat 6A UTP OSP Cat 6 UTP OSP

Category 6A Shielded Cables

Shielded Category 6A cable operates at the same speed as their UTP counterparts, but with an extra level of internal protection to guard against electromagnetic interference. These cables include an internal tinned-copper braid to reduce noise and interference while the outside jacket is designed to withstand harsh industrial environments.

Cat 6A F/UTP Indoor/Outdoor Cat 6A F/UTP Gel Filled OSP Cat 6A F/UTP Shielded OSP

Industrial Fiber Cable

With a wide range of indoor and indoor/outdoor fiber cable types, cable assemblies, enclosures, jumpers and pigtails suitable for industrial and harsh environments. Siemon’s fiber cable utilize bend-insensitive laser-optimized fiber to support all fiber applications.

Indoor/Outdoor Tight Buffer Distribution Indoor Interlocking Aluminum Armor Outside Plant Lose Tube