LightBow Fiber Termination System

Connecting The World To A Higher Standard™

LightBow™ Fiber Tool

Best-In-Class Termination Time and Reliabilty

Fast deployment and superior reliability are of the utmost importance in today’s fiber networks. While fiber field terminations offer the flexibility to meet a variety of installation scenarios, they need to be quick and easy while ensuring consistently high performance connections. With its patent-pending termination tool and pre-polished mechanical splice connectors, the LightBow Fiber Optic Termination System significantly reduces termination time, prevents fiber end face contamination and air gaps, and enables easy verification of termination quality.

LightBow™ Fiber Tool Features

Maxiumum Reliability
Bow feature maintains proper pressure of fiber ends to eliminate air gaps during termination.

LC/SC Compatibility
Tool terminates both LC and SC connectors with no time- consuming changeover.

The LigtBow termination tool can be used in handheld or table-top position with non-slip rubber feet.

Precision Internals
A long lasting blade allows for 48,000 precision cleaves, collected in a integrated safety bin.

LightBow™ Pre-Polished Connectors

Available in LC and SC configurations

Combined with Siemon’s exclusive patent-pending LightBow termination tool, Siemon LightBow pre-polished mechanical splice connectors can be deployed with unsurpassed termination speed and quality via a built-in VFL verification window and the ability to adjust or reterminate. These connectors support both multimode and singlemode versions of Siemon’s XGLO® and LightSystem® solutions.

LightBow™ Pre-Polished Connectors and VFL Tool

LC Simplex Connectors
Available in beige and aqua for multimode and blue (UPC) and green (APC) for singlemode.

SC Simplex Connectors
Available in beige and aqua for multimode and blue (UPC) and green (APC) for singlemode.

Verification Window
The built-in window in the connector body is used to verify a good termination.

Factory Assembled
LightBow connectors ship factory-assembled, eliminating complicated field assembly.

LightBow™ Fiber Termination Kit

Available in LC and SC configurations

Siemon's LightBow mechanical splice termination kit includes the patent-pending, easy-to-use termination tool, as well as all the implements and consumables required for termination – all in a convenient carrying case.

LightBow™ Field Termination Kit

Quality Performance
Termination combines splicing and crimping in a single step, eliminating handling that can impact integrity.

Dust cap also stays in place to protect end face polish from contamination.

Termination Tool
The LightBow tool simplifies fiber insertion and avoids damage when terminating.

Precision Cleaver
Provides consistent, precise and high quality cleaves.