Copper and Fiber Cables

Connecting The World To A Higher Standard™

High Performance Bulk Cables

Siemon offers a comprehensive range of copper and fiber cable connectivity to support large hyperscale cloud computing, edge and colocations or small-to-mid-sized data centers. These cables are designed to support high-density, high-bandwidth requirements and are available in Category 5e, 6, 6A and 7A copper and a variety of fiber optic options.

Category 6A UTP Cables

For the highest performance margins across all critical transmission parameters, Siemon’s 6A UTP cables are the premier choice in structured cabling solutions. Available in indoor and indoor/outdoor options, these 4-pair cables are designed to reduce alien cross-talk and meet or exceed all performance specifications. The GT version is equipped with PowerGUARD™ technology which improves heat distribution for reduced length derating and bundling requirements in PoE and power of HDBase T applications.

Cat 6A GT UTP 4-Pair Cat 6A UTP Cat 6A UTP Indoor/Outdoor Cat 6A UTP OSP

Category 6 UTP Cables

Siemon’s Category 6 UTP Cables are ideal for multiple levels of performance in 10/100/BASE-T applications in a variety of riser and plenum options, suitable for any sized data center. These twisted pair cables are the preferred choice within advanced networking installations where a higher bandwidth is required.

Cat 6 OSP Cat 6 UTP Plenum Cat 6 UTP Riser and Plenum Solution 6 UTP

Category 5e UTP Cables

Category 5e cable is a high-performance Ethernet cable known for its durability and versatility for the budget-conscience buyer. Each option is independently verified to perform to 160 MHz and meet or exceed category 5e/class D parameters.

Cat 5e UTP Cat 5e Multipair UTP Cat 5e UTP 4 Pair

Shielded Copper Cables

Shielded copper cable is the ideal solution for areas with an abundance of electromagnetic interference (EMI), such as the factory floor. Siemon’s shielded cable includes a tinned copper wire braid which provides superior noise immunity and coupling attenuation performance.

Cat 7A 1000MHz S/FTP Cat 8.2 E20 Cat 6A F/UTP Cat 5e F/UTP

Fiber Cable

Siemon’s XGLO® and LightSystem® fiber cables utilize bend-insensitive laser-optimized multimode and singlemode fiber to support the latest applications. These cables support high-speed applications such as Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit ATM and Fiber Channel and are available in indoor/outdoor options.

Indoor Tight Buffer Indoor/Outdoor Tight Buffer Interlocking Aluminum Armor Indoor Tight Buffer