Copper Patch Cords and Patch Panels

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Copper Patch Cords

Our comprehensive line of copper and fiber connectivity supports all your data center patching needs in current 10 Gb/s and next generation 40 and 100 Gb/s applications. Available in singlemode and multimode, our standard and custom-length fiber assemblies meet stringent performance specifications and easily integrate with our fiber enclosures and trays. Our copper cable assemblies meet or exceed industry standards and are available in category 5e, 6, 6A, 7A and 8.2 with a variety of patch panel options.

Skinnypatch® Modular Cords

Siemon’s SkinnyPatch Modular Cords deliver Category 6 performance with a reduced 28 AWG diameter for improved airflow and increased flexibility in high-density patching areas. This also allows for an increased bend radius for easier cable routing and management, providing pathway space savings in racks and cabinets and simpliies moves, adds or changes.

Cat 6A Shielded Cat 6 UTP

Cat 5e and Cat 6 Modular Cords

Siemon’s Shielded and UTP Category 5e and 6 modular patch cords ensure optimum channel performance and exceed industry specifications. A patented crosspair isolator and an innovative 360° crimp provides excellent plug-to-cable strain relief without causing pair deformation.

Cat 6 UTP Modular Cords Cat 5e UTP Modular Cords Cat 5e Shielded Modular Cords

Bladepatch® Modular Cords

The BladePatch cord is ideal for patching blade servers, patch panels, or any equipment with high density RJ-45 outlets. With its snagless push-pull latch design, there is no longer a need for an external thumb latch that is prone to snagging and breaking. These cords feature dual jacket construction for excellent alien crosstalk performance.

Cat 6a UTP Cat 6a Shielded Cat 6 UTP Cat 5e Shielded

Cat 6A Z-MAX Modular Cords

Combining the unparalleled performance of an exclusive PCB-based plug, noise-resistant shielded construction and a host of innovative user friendly features, the shielded Z-MAX modular cords are the ultimate Category 6 and 6A cord. All cords are 100% factory-tested to ensure performance and compliance.

Cat 6A Shielded Cat 6 UTP

Z-MAX® Z-PLUG® Field Terminated RJ45 Connector

Siemon's patent-pending Z-PLUG offers quick, reliable high-performance plug terminations in the field for custom-length direct connections to wireless access points, security cameras, LED lights, distributed antenna systems (DAS), building automation devices and any other IP-based and PoE-enabled devices deployed in today's converged networks.

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Pre Terminated Trunking Cable Assemblies

Siemon's pre-terminated trunking cable assemblies provide an easily installed and cost effective alternative to individual field-terminated channels. Combining factory terminated and tested modules with Siemon cable in a high-performance modular cable assembly, trunking cable assemblies are designed to simplify the installation of high-performance cabling systems in data centers and other high-density, environments.

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ZMAX Copper Patch Panels

Z-MAX Category 6A patch panels provide outstanding performance and aesthetics in a shielded and UTP, high-density modular solution. Our Z-MAX panels provide rapid and reliable installation by accelerating outlet mounting, grounding, and cable tie-down operations. Constructed out of lightweight, high-strength steel, Z-MAX patch panels feature scratch and fade-resistant port marking to ensure you are getting the most longevity out of our products.

Z-MAX® UTP and Shielded Patch Panels

Z-MAX 6A flat and angled patch panels harness unprecedented performance and reliability in a high-density modular solution. These complete patch panel kits combine 19 inch patch panels with Z-MAX 6A panel outlets to offer the industry's highest performing Category 6A patching solution.

Z-MAX 6A Shielded Patch Panels Z-MAX 6A UTP Patch Panels

Z-MAX® Combo Fiber and Copper Panels

Z-MAX Combo Panels, Adapter Plates and Plug and Play Modules are versatile, compact and easy to install and maintain. Combining copper and fiber cable has never been easier or more efficient.

Copper/Fiber Combo Panel Flat Quick-Pack Adapter Plates Plug and Play Modules MTP Adapter Plates