V-Built Preconfigured Cabinets

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The V-Built Top of Rack/Server Cabinet Solution has been specifically configured for the hyper-scale data center environment where modularity, efficiency and repeatability are critical. One part number includes a 600mm (23.6 in.) wide x 1200mm (47.3 in.) deep server cabinet that is pre-configured with two full height PDU/Cable Management Trays, tool-less cable managers, mounting hardware, leveling feet and casters. It ships complete on Siemon Interconnect Solutions’ (optional) innovative shock pallet with ramp for easy mobility and set-up, simplifying the ordering process and ensuring repeatable quality, delivery and traceability. SIS manufactures the most comprehensive offering of data center infrastructure products available, which can now be combined and integrated into a single solution. All V-Built cabinets are preconfigured in one of our regional ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing locations. Our sales professionals can work with you to develop a personalized solution, delivering the efficiencies of a simplified ordering process, shorter lead times, reduced transit cost and rapid on-site deployment.

V-Built™ can be configured to include

  • Available in Black or White Power Coat
  • Intelligent Power Distribution Units
  • Cooling Fans
  • Copper and Fiber Direct Attach Cables
  • Copper and Fiber Network Cabling
  • Cable Management
  • Airflow Management
  • Shock Pallet and Ramp

Available in White

PDU Mounting

V-600 Cabinets

  • Now Available in White!
  • Constructed to be lightweight, yet extremely strong
  • Ample access points in cover
  • 1360 kg. (3,000 lbs.) weight capacity (static)
  • 1020 kg. (2,250 lbs.) weight capacity (dynamic)
  • Split level side panels with quick release latches
  • Full front door/split rear doors
  • Quick release, field reversible doors
  • 71% perforated doors for increased air flow
  • Clearly numbered U spaces on all four rails
  • Equipped with two full height PDU/Cable Management Trays
  • Cabinet and Shock Pallet ISTA 3E compliant
  • Equipment rails can be pre-adjusted at the factory to meet specific switch or server mounting options
  • 1,200mm (47.3 in.) depth cabinet accommodates most servers and equipment

All cabinets listed are black or white powder paint, have locking full vented front doors and split vented rear doors, two full height x 150mm (5.9 in.) wide vertical PDU/Cable Management Trays, 50 x M6 cage nuts, 50 x M6 screws, two stabalizing brackets, set of four casters, leveling feet and cable management equipment. Contact SIS for other available variations or consult with our sales professionals to build a cabinet that meets your speficic needs.

Shock Pallet and Ramp

Siemon Interconnect Solutions (SIS) offers an environmentally friendly packaging method to ship our V600 cabinets. When requested, the V600 cabinet ships on a shock pallet designed to ensure the cabinet is capable of handling the additional weight of loaded network equipment and that the cabinet and installed components are protected during transport. Our pallet coupled with the re-usable corrugate packaging system provides a cost-effective, sustainable solution for rapid cabinet deployment. The 6 degree ramp allows for a loaded cabinet on casters to be safely deployed. The top surface is reinforced by two steel channels which help guide the casters. Two velcro straps are used to securely and quickly attach the ramp to the pallet to assist with quick deployment.


Specs and Ordering Information

Internal Height* 42U: 1867mm (73.5 in.)
45U: 2000mm (78.75 in.)
Internal Depth 42U: 1000mm (39.5 in.)
45U: 1000mm (39.5 in.)
Internal Width 42U: 482mm (19 in.)
45U: 482mm (19 in.)
External Height 42U: 2016mm (79.4 in.)
45U: 2148mm (48.6 in.)
External Depth 42U: 1200mm (47.2 in.)
45U: 1200mm (47.2 in.)
External Width 42U: 600mm (24 in.)
45U: 600mm (24 in.)

*Accommodates server depth up to 100mm (39.5 in.) and 150mm (5.9in) wide PDU/Cable Management Mounting Tray

"P" denotes the option to incluide the Shock Pallet

Ordering Information
Part Number Size Number of Side Panels
V62A-0AB121-42P 42U 0
V62A-1AB121-42P 42U 1
V62A-2AB121-42P 42U 2
V62A-0AB121-45P 45U 0
V62A-1AB121-45P 45U 1
V62A-2AB121-45P 45U 2

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