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Cabinets and Racks

Offered in a wide selection of common sides and configurations, Siemon's line of cabinets, open frame racks and wall mount enclosures are smart in design, robust in construction and effectively serve the needs for today's entrance facilities and data centers. SIS inventories and ships cabinets from multiple locations around the globe saving on transit time and shipping costs.


V-Built Preconfigured Data Center Cabinets are available with a Siemon V600 cabinet and are preloaded with Siemon accessories common for most hyper-scale Data Center rollouts and can include PDUs, High Speed Interconnects, fiber and copper cable assemblies, cable management and even a shock pallet with ramp for easy deployment.

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600mm (23.6in) wide server cabinet

Siemon’s cost-effective V600 cabinet is designed specifically for hyper-scale data center environments. This 600mm wide server cabinet conforms to the most common data center cabinet dimensions for a smooth and seamless transition into a new or existing data center. Constructed from extremely strong, yet lightweight materials and fitted with 71% perforated field reversible doors the V600 is lightweight and engineered for maximum airflow. Available in white, grey or black, the V600 cabinet is perfect for server environments, Top of Rack switching and many other common data center configurations.

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800mm (31.5in) wide network cabinet

Siemon's V800 cabinets provide a robust, cost-effective enclosure solution that provides valuable space on each side of the equipment rails for cable management, PDU mounting or connectivity on both the front and rear of the cabinet. The V800 cabinet is ideal for high-density data center environments, enabling increased cabling and equipment density while providing excellent accessibility and thermal efficiency. All of these features are integrated into a full-featured modular enclosure that is equally effective as a standalone network and server cabinet or in a multi-unit bayed configuration, offering a simple, scalable expansion path in any data center. Available in white, grey or black, the V800 cabinet is perfect for many different data center configurations.

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Wall Mounted Cabinet

Siemon's feature-rich Wall Mount Cabinet saves valuable floor space while providing a cost-effective means to secure and protect network equipment. Designed with excellent cable management, easy rear access and a fully adjustable mounting rail system, the Wall Mount Cabinet is ideal as a mini telecommunications room or for remote network distribution and consolidation points in open, unprotected spaces such as warehouses, retail facilities and schools. This EIA/ECA AND UL 60950-Compliant Wall Mount Cabinet is a perfect solution for zone cabling in intelligent building applications, passive optical networks, or wherever more expensive full-size cabinets are not required. Available in white, grey or black, Siemon's Wall Mounted Cabinet is compatible with Siemon VersaPOD fan kits, rack-mount PDUs, shelves and other accessories.

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4-Post Rack

Siemon's adjustable-depth, 4-Post Rack provides a stable platform for mounting extended depth/size active equipment. It is ideal for use in both Telecommunications Rooms and central patching areas within Data Center environments. In addition to providing compatibility with Siemon's standalone vertical cable managers, the 4-post rack is fully compatible with the Zero-U panels used in Siemon's VersaPOD™ cabinets. This compatibility allows for mounting of patch panels or cable management between bayed racks or at end of rows. Available in white, grey or black.

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RS Rack System 2-Post Rack

Siemon's cable management rack system (RS) combines a 2.1m (7 ft.) x 19 inch black aluminum or steel rack with cable management accessories to provide a complete management solution. Ideal for all size installations, the rack features fully usable 45 RMS capacity. An optional 1.2m (4 ft.) power strip is available and mounts directly to rear of rack to provide power to active electronics.

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