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Base 12 Plug and Play Cable Assemblies - MTP / MTP PRO to MTP/MTP PRO Reels and Extenders

Base 12 Plug and Play Cable Assemblies - MTP / MTP PRO to MTP/MTP PRO Reels and ExtendersEnlarge this image

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Combining Siemon's reduced-diameter RazorCoreTM cable with 12-fiber MTP or MTP PRO connectors, Plug and Play Reels are designed to be quickly pulled and connected to Siemon Plug and Play Modules and MTP Adapter Plates. Custom configurable to precise application requirements, these reels efficiently put high-performance, high-density fiber connections exactly where you need them. Extenders offer Male MTP connectors on one end and female MTP with an MTP adapter on the other to allow field extension of MTP Reels.*

For MTP PRO connectors our MTP PRO tool and PIN Exchangers are required for installation.

  • Custom Configurations ­ Available from 12 to 144 fiber counts in increments of 12 fibers
  • Multiple Fiber Types ­ Available in multimode (62.5/125 and laser optimized OM3 and OM4 50/125) and singlemode. Riser and LSOH
  • Reduced Pathway Fill ­ Siemon's RazorCore cable has significantly reduced cable O.D. resulting in reduced cable tray fill and pathway restrictions
  • Protective Packaging ­ Dual shelf reel keeps connectivity protected from harm during payout
  • 40 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s Ready ­ Enables simple upgrade path to future 40 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s applications over multimode OM3 and OM4 50/125 laser optimized fiber
  • Armored Versions* ­ Siemon's Plug & Play cable assemblies are also available in interlocking armored cable types for rugged environment intrabuilding backbone and horizontal installations.
  • Extreme Durability ­ Armored versions feature flexible, spiral wrapped aluminum interlocking armored offering over 7X the crush resistance of standard assemblies. May eliminate need for fiber ducting.
  • Low Loss Versions Siemon's Plug and Play cable assemblies are also available in low loss version allowing for multiple mated parts in 10/40/100G applications
  • MTP PRO Connector The MTP Pro option enables quick and easy polarity and pinchanges in the field using an innovative hand-held tool.

*Note: Extenders are not available in armored configurations

Part Numbers

F(X)(XX)-(XX)(XX)(XXX)(X)(X)  Armoured Fibre Plug and Play cable reel assembly, 12 fibre MTP female connectors
Part Number
F(X)P(XX)(X)(XX)(X)(X)(XXX)(X)(X)  Armored Fiber Plug & Play cable reel assembly, 12 fiber MTP PRO female connectors
F(X)(XX)-(XX)(X)(XXX)(X)-(X)  Fibre Plug and Play cable assembly, 12 fibre MTP connectors

F(X)P(XX)(X)(X)(X)(X)-(XXX)(X)(X)  Fiber Plug & Play cable assembly, 12 fiber MTP PRO connectors

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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