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Base 8 LightStack Ultra High Density Fiber Enclosures

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Specification Sheet: LightStack 8 Ultra High Density Fiber Enclosure System
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As today's high density Data Centers migrate from 10 to 40 and 100 gigabit speeds and beyond, they require low loss plug and play fiber solutions that enable 100% fiber utilization in advanced high speed Base 8 parallel optic applications, eliminating the need for conversion cords or conversion modules. Part of Siemon's LightHouse™ Advanced Fiber Cabling Solutions, the LightStack 8 Ultra High Density Plug and Play System offers superior density, port access and cable management in a sleek, modern enclosure.

It offers the most simplest form of migration from duplex 10 Gig to 8-fiber 40/100 Gig and future 8-fiber 200/400 Gig applications. Siemon also offers a variety of Base 8 MTP trunks, jumpers and hybrid equipment cords for use with LightStack 8, providing a complete end-to-end Base 8 plug and play fiber system.

  • Innovative labeling Drop-down label strip holder for high visibility
  • Visually appealing magnetic door
    ­ Easy to open and close
    ­ Eliminates potential pinch points
  • Mounting options Rack mounting brackets can be attached at any of 3 horizontal positions
  • Module Insertion Quick and easy front or rear module insertion and rear only removal
  • Sliding Bottom Rear Divider - Acts as a rear cable divider between stacked enclosures (in the out position). Pushes inward to provide complete access to connectivity at the rear of stacked enclosures

Part Numbers

LightStack 8 Enclosures
LS8-1U-01  1U Enclosure, 144 LC fibers or 864 MTP fibers, mounts in 19 in. racks or cabinets
LS8-4U-01  4U Enclosure, 576 LC fibers or 3456 MTP fibers, mounts in 19 in. racks or cabinets

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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