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Assembly and Kitting

Kitting has various benefits as the overall effect is to reduce the time taken in processing parts and reduce downtime for the assembly line. Siemon’s use of assembly and kitting helps reduce handling, motion time by operators and machine downtime due to parts availability.

For products that consistently ship together as a set, pre-kitted packages save time and money and make good sense. The advantage of pre-assembled kits is the streamlined kitting process where everything is assembled and completed in order. Research shows that this method eliminates workflow bottlenecks by positioning kit elements linearly to facilitate gathering and assembly.

Benefits of kitting include:

With our well-defined kitting and assembly process, Siemon’s team ensures efficiency and order accuracy and final kits are spot-checked to ensure quality as a final measure of precision. Maintaining inventoried pre-packaged kits allows Siemon’s customers to react quickly in cases of sudden increases in order demand.

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