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Siemon has developed a blank to be used with Siemon Z-MAX® patch panels. The Z-MAX® blank can be used to block off and protect Z-MAX® patch panel ports from dust and debris. The unique design allows the blank to be used on ports with or without outlets. As an added benefit the blank's can also be used on any Siemon standard RJ45 outlet.

  • Product made from flame retardant thermoplastic rubber material
  • Friction fit used to hold blank in place.
  • Blank's can be used in many other Siemon RJ45 products: HD® Series, MAX® Series, CT® Series. Note - Although product can be used with other Siemon RJ45 ports it is recommended to verify no other interferences prohibit proper usage (i.e. mounting hardware).

Part of the Category 6A UTP Z-MAX cabling system.

Part of the Category 6A Shielded Z-MAX cabling system.

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