Z-MAX Surface Mount Boxes


Field-assembled surface mount boxes for use with Z-MAX modules, TERA modules, or LC/SC duplex fiber adapters. They are also compatible with all other single port MAX modules, but require the use of icons to secure the modules into the bezel.

Part Numbers

MX-SMZ(X)-(XX)-(X)  Z-MAX Surface mount box with cover base, 2 port multimedia bezel, cable ties, adhesive tape and mounting screws
Use 1st (X) to specify ports: 1 = 1-port, 2 = 2-port, 4 = 4-port, 6 = 6-port;
Use 2nd (XX) to specify color: 01 = black, 02 = white, 20 = ivory, 80 = light ivory.
Use 3rd (X) to specify options: M = Magnets, Blank = N/A
* Includes designation labels and label covers

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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