Surface Pack Box


Siemon's Surface Pack Box is best described as a compact, lightweight box often utilized in high density work area environments that require rapid deployment of cabling systems. Typically deployed in buildings with a raised floor system, environments range from from call centers to trading floors.

The box supports rapid deployment by allowing connectivity to be pre-terminated and stored away while construction is finalized. Cables can be routed within flexible conduit (not supplied), secured to the box and terminated to outlets. The small overall footprint allows the box and connectivity to be stored under a raised floor and then passed through standard size floor grommets for efficient deployment to the work station.

Product is compliant with UL2043 and is appropriate for use in air handling spaces

  • Surface Pack Boxes are available in 3 port and 6 port versions. Both boxes are the same size and compatible with MAX®, Z-MAX® and TERA® outlets allowing customers to support Category 5e, 6, 6A and 7A installations. The outlets are presented at an angle to allow patch cords to dress less prominently off the face of the box. Blanks may be used to accommodate port count variants and allow for expansion in the future. Ample labeling is provided for both the box and ports.
  • Two mounting options are available. One method features a mounting bracket that can be secured to a fixed location and allows the box to be clipped into the bracket via a one touch latch. For additional security, the box can be mounted without the use of the bracket by securing the base directly to the work area surface.


Pre-mountable bracket
Pre-mountable bracket
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Allows box to be quickly installed at the work area location
Cable Tie Down Point
Cable Tie Down Point
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Within box secures cables for proper strain relief
Easy Access
Easy Access
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All terminations and cables are contained within the box cover allowing easy access to terminations

Part Numbers

SP-3-01  3 Port Surface Pack Box, Modular, Black
SP-6-01  6 Port Surface Pack Box, Modular, Black
Box Includes:
3 - Port identification labels and covers
1- Box label and cover
1 - (8 in. ) Tie-wrap
1 - Screw for securing cover to the base of the box

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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