Universal Modular Furniture Adapter


Universal Modular Furniture Adapter adjusts to fit all known furniture openings and panel thicknesses, providing a single mounting solution that eliminates the need for furniture-specific mounting products.

Siemon's extended depth, universal modular furniture adapter was specifically designed as a single product solution for securely mounting work area network connectivity in all of today's most common modular furniture systems. The adapter's universal mounting frame is adaptable to fit a wide range of available opening sizes, providing simple, snap-in attachment of the plates. This combination of mounting frame and plate facilitates the deployment of today's larger diameter, high performance cabling in congested modular furniture pathways without exceeding performance-critical bend radius limits.

Available in MAX and CT versions, this product platform provides a universal mounting solution for all Siemon connectivity lines including CT, MAX, Z-MAX and TERA.

  • Snap-in Faceplate Mounts ­ Robust latching features ensure secure engagement onto mounting frame ­ even with congested raceways ­ while providing quick and easy installation
  • Flexible Mounting ­ 4-port MAX-style and single coupler CT-style plates are available to support a wide range of connectivity options
  • Impact Resistant ­ Low-profile, angled surface plates protect outlets while eliminating catch points to reduce potential damage due to incidental contact ­ a common concern in modular furniture connectivity solutions
  • Universal Mounting ­ Mounting frame adapts to fit nearly any furniture opening and panel thickness, eliminating the need for furniture-specific mounting products while providing a positive fit uncommon to fixed depth latch designs


Manage Bend Radius
Manage Bend Radius
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Extended plate design and optional angled adapters provide additional space to help maintain performance-critical bend radius
Improved Labeling Visibility
Improved Labeling Visibility
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Angled, top-mount label window provides better label visibility in low-light, confined locations common to modular furniture applications



  • ANSI/TIA-569-B
  • UL 1863
  • CSA C22.2
  • RoHS

Product Information

  • Material (Mounting Frame) ­ High impact, flame-retardant thermoplastic
  • Material (Plate) ­ Zinc-plated, cold rolled steel
  • Flammability Rating (Plate) ­ UL 94 V-0
  • Material Compliance ­ RoHS, lead-free, halogen-free, PVC free

Opening Compatibility

The universal modular furniture adapter can be mounted to the following range of panel openings:

Product Dimensions

Part Numbers

CT-UMA-(XX) (Picture) Universal Modular Furniture Adapter, Accepts (1) CT Coupler. Includes faceplate, mounting frame, label and clear label holder.
MX-UMA-(XX) (Picture) MAX Universal Modular Furniture Adapter, Accepts (4) MAX, Z-MAX or TERA Outlets Includes faceplate, mounting frame, label and clear label holder

Use (XX) To specify color: 01 = Black, 02 = White, 04 = Gray, 20 = Ivory, 80 = Light Ivory

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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