LockIT Outlet Lock / LC Adapter Lock


The LockIT Outlet Lock fits securely into any standards compliant RJ45 outlet or LC Fiber adapter to block access to the port. It locks flush within the outlet or adapter opening to provide a clean, attractive appearance without obstructing adjacent ports or protruding beyond the outlet face. The outlet or adapter lock may be safely removed only by using the LockIT universal key.

The LockIT™ Universal Key is used to unlock all LockIT components. The extended length provides the ability to easily unlock the LockIT Outlet or Secure Patch Cord in high density applications. The key is included with the system, and is also available for purchase separately.


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The outlet/adapter lock simply snaps into empty ports with no key required
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Insert the universal key into the outlet/adapter lock and rotate to unlock
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The lock may now be removed and is retained by the key to avoid dropping

Part Numbers

LKEY-05 (Picture) LockIT Universal Key, bag of 10
LL-05 (Picture) LockIT RJ45 Outlet Lock, bag of 10, includes 1 LockIT Universal Key
LL-LC-05 (Picture) LockIT LC Adapter Lock, bag of 10, includes 1 LockIT Universal Key
* One key is included in each package of outlet locks

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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