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This outlet converts 25-pair feeder cable into modular jack ports to serve work areas. The Harmonica has one 25-pair male connector and can accommodate up to 12 modular jacks, depending on the pair count of the jack. It allows easy moves and changes for stations using multiple voice and data ports. It comes equipped with Siemon's patented universal connector holddown.

Part Numbers

H50M-12MJ4 (Picture) 12, 2-pair, 8-position jacks, USOC
H50M-6MJ8 (Picture) 6, 4-pair jacks, USOC
H50M-6MJ8-ATT (Picture) 6, 4-pair jacks, T568B
H50M-6MJ8-TIA (Picture) 6, 4-pair jacks, T568A
H50M-8MJ6 (Picture) 8, 3-pair, 6-position jacks, USOC

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