CT 5e Couplers


Category 5e

The engineering innovations used in the design of the CT 5e couplers ensure full-featured, end-to-end category 5e connectivity. The couplers feature universal T568A/B wiring and comply fully with all applicable ISO and TIA specifications for all pair combinations.

The most economical way to order CT couplers is with the Bulk project pack option.
  • Minimize Termination Time — Patented compliant pin technology allows use of Siemon's 4-pair impact tool
  • Circuitry Protection — Clear plastic cover protects circuitry from accidental damage
  • Quick Identification — Snap-in color-coding icons are included (red, blue, and matching) allowing users to instantly identify different types of services
  • Strain Relief — Cable-tie anchor points provide effective strain relief for cables entering from top or bottom of coupler
  • Spring Door Option — Angled CT 5e Couplers are available with optional spring doors to protect modular jacks from outside contaminants


Superior Performance
Superior Performance
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Patented "reactive balance" technology provides exceptional category 5e transmission performance.
Angled Coupler
Angled Coupler
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Pyramid wire entry system on S310® blocks separates paired conductors when lacing cables to simplify and reduce installation time.
Easy Installation
Easy Installation
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Snaps quickly into CT faceplates or patch panels and can be easily removed using a small screwdriver to access terminated cable.
Technical Tip!
Angled couplers are recommended for work area applications and flat couplers are recommended for patch panel applications.

Part Numbers

CT-C5-(XX) (Picture) Angled, single coupler, universal T568A/B
CT-C5-C5-(XX) (Picture) Angled, double coupler, universal T568A/B
CT-F-C5-(XX) (Picture) Flat, single coupler, universal T568A/B
CT-F-C5-C5-(XX) (Picture) Flat, double coupler, universal T568A/B
Add "B" to end of part number for bulk project pack of 100 couplers. (Bulk option includes couplers and icons only ­ termination caps and cable ties are available separately).
Couplers include one color-matching icon (clear for black), 2 termination caps, and one cable tie per port, plus one red and one blue icon.
PatentedUL C

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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