Australian/New Zealand Horizontal Faceplates

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Siemon has released MAX and CT horizontal faceplates with mounting screws specific for the Australia and New Zealand markets. These faceplates include M3.5 x 0.8 x 32mm Phillips head style screws designed for use with in-region C clips/wall clips, mounting blocks and skirting kits.

MAX faceplates provide a mounting platform for MAX, Z-MAX and TERA outlets. CT faceplates allow for mounting of CT couplers or TERA-MAX adapters. The horizontal angled TERA-MAX adapter allows MAX, Z-MAX and TERA outlets to be mounted in CT faceplates. By orienting the outlets at an angle, this adapter reduces the mounting depth requirements to overcome shallow back boxes, modular furniture or raceway installations.

Part Numbers

10G MAX Horizontal Faceplates
10GMX-HFPZ(XX)-02 (Picture) 10G MAX Horizontal Faceplate,AS/NZ,2White. 10G MAX faceplates provide optimal outlet separation to ensure alien crosstalk (ANEXT) compliance for Z-MAX 6A UTP installations.

Use (XX) to specify number of ports: 02=2-port, 03=3-port, 04=4-port

CT Horizontal Faceplates
CT2-HFPZ-02 (Picture) CT Horizontal Faceplate, AS/NZ, For 1 CT Coupler, White.
MAX Horizontal Faceplates
MX-HFPZ-(XX)-02 (Picture) Max Horizontal Faceplate, AS/NZ, White.

Use (XX) to specify number of ports: 01=1-port, 02=2-port, 03=3-port, 04=4-port
Add “B” for bulk pack of 100 faceplates

Faceplates include designation labels*, clear and color matching label covers*, and M3.5 x 0.8 x 32mm mounting screws
* 4-port 10G MAX faceplates do not feature a designation labeling area

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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