Vertical Exhaust Duct (Chimney)


Siemon introduces its new Vertical Exhaust Duct for use with Siemon's 1200mm (48 in.) VersaPOD (VP2) cabinets. For use in spaces utilizing drop ceiling or overhead duct work, and used in conjunction with solid rear doors, the Vertical Exhaust Duct passively directs the hot exhaust heat from active equipment vertically into the return air space. By passively redirecting the hot exhaust, resulting room temperatures are lowered and HVAC efficiency is increased. The Vertical Exhaust Ducts can be mounted to the top of the VersaPOD VP2 cabinet, in conjunctionwith three (3) optional fan trays, and can be field extended to a range of heights to suit the specific ceiling requirements.

  • Ducts include integrated attachment features to allow easy setup by a single technician
  • Gasket strips between telescoping sections and at top of ducts prevent hot exhaust air from re-circulating into room
  • Telescoping sections can be temporarily secured via thumb screws until final height is determined
  • When used with solid rear doors, the Vertical Exhaust Duct provides a 93% increase in thermal capacity*


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Cool air feeds the active equipment and hot exhaust air is routed upwards via the Vertical Exhaust Duct into the return air space
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Vertical Exhaust Ducts have a 406mm(16 in.) range of adjustable travel for field adjustment

Part Numbers

VP-DUCT1-(X)  Adjustable Height Vertical Exhaust Duct, 516-923mm (20-36 in.)

Use (X) to specify color. Blank = black, 2 = white, 4 = gray

VP-DUCT2-(X)  Adjustable Height Vertical Exhaust Duct, 913-1320mm (36-52 in.)

Use (X) to specify color. Blank = black, 2 = white, 4 = gray

Constructed using lightweight 1.5mm (0.06 in.) aluminum for easy handling and installation
VP2 cabinets can be ordered with solid rear doors installed - contact Customer Service for ordering information
Vertical Exhaust Ducts are not compatible with 1000mm (40 in.) deep VersaPOD cabinets (VP1)

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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