V600 42U Shock Pallet and Ramp


Siemon Interconnect Solutions (SIS) offers an environmentally friendly packaging method to ship our V600 cabinets. When requested, the V600 cabinet ships on a shock pallet designed to ensure the cabinet is capable of handling the additional weight of loaded network equipment and that the cabinet and installed components are protected during transport. Our pallet coupled with the re-usable corrugate packaging system provides a cost-effective, sustainable solution for rapid cabinet deployment.

  • Cabinet Load - Cabinet supports load of 3000 lbs (static). 2,250 lbs (dynamic).
  • ISTA Design - Pallet and cabinet support system are designed to comply with International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) Part 3E to provide a simulation of the general damage producing motions, forces, conditions and sequences of transport environments.
  • Top of Pallet and Ramp - Is reinforced with steel channels to guide casters and ensure smooth roll off.
  • Polyethylene Foam Support - The foam structure within the pallet design provides a resilient, high efficiency packaging and cushioning material. Its superior properties absorb repetitive shocks during transportation protecting valuable electronic products.
  • Certified Timber Materials - Pallet materials are heat treated and produced in compliance with International Plant Protection Committees ISPM 15: Guidelines for Regulated Wood Packaging Material in International Trade.

Rapid Cabinet Deployment - The cabinets can be conveniently configured, tested and packaged at any location and then shipped to your customer for quick and safe deployment. A tip sensor is attached to the packaging to show if the product has tipped during transport.

Part Numbers

V6(X)A-(X)(X)(X)(X)(X)1-42P (Picture) V600 Cabinet, 42U, Black, with Shock Pallet*
V6-RAMP (Picture) Ramp for use with V600 Cabinet and Shock Pallet. 1295mm (51 in.) x 965mm (38 in.) x 203mm (8 in.). Weight: (68 lbs.)
* Ramp sold separately. See ordering information below.

Note: Proper handling of packaged, loaded cabinet is very important. It is recommended to use a shipping company who has experience in specialized handling of packaged network equipment. Please contact Siemon Company SIS customer service if you would like further information.
Note: Ramp usage of 5 times based on maximum loaded cabinet

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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