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Siemon's comprehensive line of DataKeep DC Cabinets combine density, accessibility and efficiency with an attractive, robust construction for today's data centre environments. Whether housing critical network switches, servers, patching environments or a combination of active and passive equipment, DataKeep DC Cabinets are available in multiple sizes with a full range of features that make them ideal for use as a standalone network or server cabinet or in a multi-bayed aisle configuration. DataKeep DC cabinets are available in a variety of height, width, depth and color combinations with several door options and a range of handle and locking styles, including key, 3-digit combination and 4-point locking.

  • Superior Ventilation - Vented side panels and top and bottom brush entry, and optional fan trays ensure efficiency
  • Door Options - Quick-release hinge doors in full mesh and split mesh with 82% airflow, as well as split solid and full vented solid
  • Robust Construction - Durable bolted steel construction with up to 1000kg load weighting
  • Multiple Configurations - Available in a variety of size configurations and in black, white or gray color options
  • Side Panels - Sturdy, lockable and removable side panels
  • Base Fitting Options - Various options for leveling feet and casters available

Part Numbers

DataKeep DC Cabinet
DC(X)A-(X)(X)(X)(X)(X)(X)-(XX)(X)  DataKeep DC Cabinet with options
DC(X)A-2FF73(X)-(XX)A  DataKeep DC Cabinet with 2 side panels, full mesh front and rear door, front swing handle with key lock, rear cam latch with key lock and heavy duty turnwheeled locking castors, fully assembled

DataKeep cabinets come with a full line of accessories, including shelves, drawers, vertical and horizontal cable management, thermal management, base fittings and hardware. Refer to the DataKeep accessories spec sheet for more information.

Vertical Exhaust Duct System
DC(X)A-3(X)(X)(X)(X)(X)-(XX)(A)  Vertical exhaust duct system - DataKeep DC Cabinet with VED options
DK-DUCT1A-(X)  Vertical exhaust duct system - Vertical Exhaust Duct Adjustable 933mm to 1001mm

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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