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The Z-TOOL is an integral part of the exclusive Z-MAX™ termination process and is used with both UTP and shielded Z-MAX modules. This easy-to-use and ergonomic designed tool is used both to secure the cable retention/grounding clip and to fully engage the termination module into the back of the outlet.

  • Ergonomic - Minimal hand strain, limited pressure and zero-impact for comfortable repeatability
  • Alignment Aids - Keyed guide ensures correct outlet insertion during termination
  • One-Handed Activation - Allows final Z-MAX termination step to be accomplished with one hand for operation in space-restricted areas
  • Retention Clip Locking - Additional function closes and locks hinged cable retention/grounding clip
  • Slim Profile - To fit in a pocket or toolbox
  • Attachment Point - For key ring or lanyard and rackmount capability

Part of the Category 6A UTP Z-MAX cabling system.

Part of the Category 6A Shielded Z-MAX cabling system.

Part Numbers

Z-TOOL  Z-TOOL Termination Tool for Z-MAX

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