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The TESTAR creates easy test access to 66 quick clips. It plugs directly onto the S66™ block, establishing a positive connection and providing a 4-pair modular jack for plugging in test equipment. The body is molded in blue plastic and has molded-in finger grips for easy handling.


The positive connection made by the TESTAR eliminates possible problems associated with handling alligator clips or test probes such as accidental shorting across terminals or intermittent test connections. Test equipment is inserted into the TESTAR through a 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-pair modular jack. To utilize equipment requiring alligator clips, our MODAPT® adapter can be plugged into the TESTAR.

Part Numbers

TESTAR-2 (Picture) 1-pair, 6-position, TESTAR, USOC
TESTAR-4 (Picture) 2-pair, 6-position, TESTAR, USOC
TESTAR-6 (Picture) 3-pair, 6-position, TESTAR, USOC
TESTAR-8 (Picture) 4-pair, 8-position, TESTAR, T568B
TESTAR-8A-C5 (Picture) Category 5e compatible, 4-pair, 8-position, TESTAR, T568B
TESTAR-8R1 (Picture) 4-pair, 8-position, TESTAR, USOC
TESTAR-8T (Picture) 4-pair, 8-position, TESTAR, T568A
TESTAR-8T-C5 (Picture) Category 5e compatible, 4-pair, 8-position, TESTAR, T568A

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