TERA Cable Preparation Tool


The TERA cable preparation tool uses a patent pending process to significantly reduce the time required to prepare fully shielded (S/FTP) cable. The tool includes an insert die with a blade, which is specifically designed to accurately strip the jacket and foil from 4-pair fully shielded cable without damaging the conductors. A template is also included to pre-align cable pairs and ensure proper pair positioning during termination.

Part of the Category 7/7A TERA cabling system.

Part Numbers

CPT-DIE-T4 (Picture) Replacement TERA cable die (red)
CPT-DIE-TMPL (Picture) Wiring Guide for the TERA Tool.
CPT-T (Picture) TERA preparation tool. Includes CPT-DIE-T4 and TERA cable preparation template

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