The STM-8 is an economical and versatile hand-held tester designed for the testing of UTP and screened cable for opens, shorts, reversals, miswires, split pairs and cable length. Its rugged, state-of-the-art construction, easy-to-read LCD display and multiple remotes allow one person to quickly test and identify up to four different cable runs from one location.

  • Extended Battery Life — A low battery status indication is provided, as well as automatic shut-off
  • Long Length Testing — Test cable runs up to 900m (2950 ft.)
  • Easy Reference — Indications for 6- and 8-position jacks
  • Line Voltage Indicator — The presence of line voltage is indicated on the display to help prevent accidental damage to the unit
  • Multi-Location Testing — Additional remotes can be purchased separately
  • Universal Compatibility — The UTP modular cords are equipped with patented "universal" plugs that fit into any standard 6- or 8-position modular jack


Tests All Wiring Configurations
Tests All Wiring Configurations
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STM8 tests T568A, T568B, USOC, 10BASE-T, Token Ring, and TP-PMD wiring configurations.
Determines Unknown Wiring
Determines Unknown Wiring
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In FIND mode, the STM-8 will detect and identify which wiring scheme is present in the cable being tested.
Determines Cable Length
Determines Cable Length 
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In the LENGTH mode, the STM-8 will determine the distance measurements on any given cable up to 900m (2950 ft.). This feature may be used with all four identifiable remotes.

Part Numbers

MC-8-005 (Picture) Universal plug-ended modular replacement cord
MC5-S-8-005 (Picture) Screened modular replacement cord
STM-8 (Picture) UTP (unshielded, twisted-pair) cable tester. Includes carrying case, remote "A", two universal plug-ended modular cords, wiring guide, 9V alkaline battery, instructions, and warranty card
STM-8-R(X) (Picture) Passive Remote
STM-8-RA-S (Picture) active remote
STM-8-S (Picture) Screened twisted-pair cable tester. Includes carrying case, active remote, two screened modular cords, wiring guide, 9V alkaline battery, instructions, and warranty card

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