MAX TurboTool


Siemon's new MAX TurboTool significantly reduces the time associated with the termination of category 5e and 6 UTP MAX outlets. In contrast to single conductor punchdown tools which require eight individual termination cycles for each outlet, the MAX TurboTool seats and cuts all 8 conductors with a single action.

Check out John Crawford of Elberon, IA and his unbelievable 18 second Cat 6 MAX termination!

  • Durable Construction ­ 13 gauge CRS ensures reliable operation through daily handling
  • Definitive Ratcheting Action ­ Provides positive audible and tactile feedback indicating that the termination process is complete
  • Established Platform ­ The tool shares the same proven core ratcheting platform as Siemon's PT-908 crimp tool which has been in the market for nearly 20 years
  • High Contrast Colors ­ Provide optimal visibility to prevent tool from inadvertently being left behind in low light areas
  • Replaceable Termination Cartridges ­ Allows the wearable part of the tool to be readily replaced
  • Retention Clip ­ Ensures outlets are fully seating prior to termination


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The tool supports termination of all category 5e and 6 MAX outlets ­ flat, angled and keystone
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The rear cable channel provides cable access for the full range of category 5e and 6 UTP cable sizes while the side slots provide clearance for laced twisted-pair conductors

Part Numbers

MAX-TT (Picture) MAX TurboTool
MAX-TTREP (Picture) Replacement MAX TurboTool Cartridge Kit - Includes outlet nesting die, termination die, attachment hardware and Allen wrench

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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