LightBow Fiber Termination Kit



Siemon's LightBow mechanical splice termination kit includes a patent-pending, easy-to-use termination tool that dramatically reduces termination time while ensuring reliability. With universal LC/SC compatibility, the LightBow tool simplifies fiber insertion and avoids end face damage when terminating LightBow pre-polished mechanical splice connectors.

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Cabling Contractor Best Practice: Selecting the Best Fiber Termination for Bottom Line Profitability


  • Optimal Alignment - Alignment channels simplify fiber insertion and prevent damage to fiber end face
  • Integrated Strip Template - LC and SC strip template on tool ensures proper strip lengths
  • Fast, Robust Process - Combines both splice activation and mechanical crimping to significantly reduce termination time
  • Oil Dampening System - Allows the blade to cleave at a uniform speed eliminating user variance
  • Precision Cleaver - Provides consistent, precise and high quality cleaves
  • Safety - Integrated collection bin eliminates handling of cleaved fiber
  • Long Lasting Blade - Allows for 48,000 cleaves

Part of the XGLO (10 Gb/s) Fiber cabling system.


Reduced Risk of Contamination
Reduced Risk of Contamination
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All termination steps completed with dust cap in place
Maximum Reliability
Maximum Reliability
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Bow feature maintains proper pressure of fiber ends to eliminate air gaps during termination
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Tool can be used in handheld or table-top position with non-slip rubber feet
Universal LC/SC Compatibility
Universal LC/SC Compatibility
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Tool terminates both LC and SC connectors with no time-consuming changeover

Part Numbers

Fiber termination kit
FT-LB-KIT  LightBow fiber termination kit

Kit Includes: Termination tool (patent pending), Precision cleaver, Visual fault locator (VFL), Visual fault locator 1.25mm adapter, Jacket stripper, Buffer stripper, Scissors, Tweezers, Strip template, Marker, Alcohol pads, Electrical tape, Convenient carrying case

Replacement Parts
FT-LB-CLV  LightBow cleaver
FT-LB-TMP  LightBow SC and LC strip template
FT-LB-TOOL  LightBow termination tool (patent pending)
FT-VFL-ADPT-A  Visual fault locator 1.25mm adapter
FT-VFL-P-A  Visual fault locator pen

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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