XGLO LC, LC BladePatch and SC Fiber Trunks - EuroClass CPR Dca, Cca - Europe


Siemon's Indoor RazorCore fiber trunks provide an efficient and cost effective alternative to individual field-terminated components. Combining factory terminated connectors with Siemon RazorCore reduced O.D. cable in a high-performance cable assembly, Siemon RazorCore fiber trunks were designed with Local Area Networks (LAN), Data Centers and Storage Area Networks (SAN) applications in mind. These assemblies allow up to 75% faster field installation times. Standard configurations also help maintain consistent cable layout and facilitate efficient moves, adds and changes. These precision cable assemblies are 100% inspected ensuring superior performance and quality. The RazorCore fiber trunks are available in Singlemode or Multimode performance with LC BladePatch, SC, LC connectivity.

  • LC BladePatch - Enhances installation and removal access in high density enviroments. Low profile push-pull boot design optimizes side-stackability and accessibility Fits with any standard LC adpater opening or LC SFP module. Note: Fits compatible with industry compliant non-shutter LC adapters. When using internal shutter LC adapters, the LC BladePatch is only compatible with the Siemon version.
  • Reduced Pathway Fill - Siemon's RazorCore cable has significantly reduced cable O.D. resulting in less cable tray fill and pathway restrictions
  • Proper Orientation - Each leg is designated for proper connector orientation
  • Multiple Fiber Types - Available in OM3, and OM4 Multimode 50/125 laser optimized and OS1/OS2 Singlemode.
  • Flame Standards, CPR Qualification - LSHF-FR (FRNC)
    • IEC 60332-2, IEC 60754-1, IEC 60754-2, IEC 61034
    • EN 50575, Class Eca, Dca, Cca s1a, d1, a1
  • Custom Configurations - Available from 6 to 144 fiber counts in various lengths
  • Factory Terminated and Tested - Every fiber cable assembly is factory terminated and tested for premium performance

Part Numbers

TFU(X)(X)(X)(X)(X)(X)(X)(X)(XXX)(X)  XGLO LC BladePatch, SC, LC Fiber Trunks Europe - Euro Class Dca, Cca

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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