Base 12 MTP to MTP Trunks w/Increased Pull Strength - EuroClass CPR Dca, Cca - Europe


Siemon's Next Generation MTP to MTP trunks are designed to achieve 45kg (99.2 lbs.) pull strength to handle more aggressive pathway environments. They come with a foamed zipper pulling eye for quick removal saving on installation time and are reusable if relocation of a trunk is required after the initial installation. They are available in 12/24 fiber counts and Low Loss options only.

  • Low-Loss Performance - Low-loss performance of 0.20dB for multimode and 0.60dB for singlemode support multiple mated connections for flexibility while remaining within the loss budget.
  • Multiple Fiber Types - Available in multimode (laser optimized 50/125 OM3 and OM4) and singlemode in 12 or 24 fiber counts with either A, B or C polarity and plenum, riser or LS0H jacket types.
  • Flame Standards, CPR Qualification - LSHF-FR (FRNC)
    • IEC 60332-2, IEC 60754-1, IEC 60754-2, IEC 61034
    • EN 50575, Class Eca, Dca, Cca s1a, d1, a1
  • Handles Aggressive - Pathway Environments Integrated breakout and zipper pulling eye work together to achieve 45kg (99.2 lbs.) tensile pull strength.

Part Numbers

FR2-(X)-(X)(X)(XXX)(X)(X)  Base 12 Next Generation MTP to MTP Trunks Europe - Euro Class Dca, Cca

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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