VPCA Vertical Patching Channel


Siemon's enhanced Vertical Patching Channel (VPC) sets a new standard for cable management systems by improving appearance, accessibility and cable routing on both the front and rear of the rack. Designed as a stand-alone manager to be mounted between adjacent racks the VPC features a full length, hinged door on the front to conceal patch cord routing. The rear manager is open for ready routing of large bundles of horizontal/backbone cabling. With its easy access design, high capacity and professional appearance, the VPC is ideal for both installers and end users alike.

  • Cable Access Holes allow cables to route easily between the front and rear of the channel
  • Available in standard 152mm (6 in.) wide version or high capacity 304mm (12 in.) version
  • Field replaceable cable management fingers can be quickly replaced if damaged or broken
  • With an easy turn of a single knob, the full-length cover hinges in either direction to provide access to the entire vertical channel
  • Side mounting holes provide compatibility with common 76mm and 152mm (3 in. and 6 in.) industry racking systems including Siemon's RS-07 and XLBET frames as well as Siemon¿s extended depth RS rack system*
  • Optional quarter-turn cable managers can be mounted within vertical channels for additional management such as segregation of application specific cords


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Rear channel retainers can be hinged in either direction and are removable enabling relocation to any position along the rear vertical channel
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The VPC is fully side stackable for use in ultra high density environments. The doors can be individually opened 60° or adjacent doors can be removed for full access
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All of the cable routing points on the vertical channels are rounded to allow patch cords to seamlessly enter and exit the managers without risk of cable deformation

Comprehensive cable management can be created using Siemon¿s RS-07 and HCM Series horizontal cable managers

VPCA-12 shown with two RS-07 racks and angled patch panels

Cable Manager Capacity Table

Part Numbers

(VPC) Vertical Patching Channel
VPCA-12 (Picture) 12-inch Enhanced Vertical Patching Channel, 2.1m x 305mm (7 ft. x 12 in.) vertical patching channel. Includes front cover, 12 rear channel retainers and mounting hardware. height: 2.1m (7.0 ft.), width: 304.8mm (12.0 in.), depth: 304.8mm (12.0 in.)
VPCA-6 (Picture) 6-inch Enhanced Vertical Patching Channel, 2.1m x 152mm (7 ft. x 6 in.) vertical patching channel. Includes front cover, 6 rear channel retainers and mounting hardware. height: 2.1m (7.0 ft.), width: 152.4mm (6.0 in.), depth: 304.8mm (12.0 in.)
Vertical Patching Channel Accessories
RS-CH (Picture) Quarter-turn Cable Managers
RS-CNL-MGR (Picture) Channel retainers for use with VPCA-6, VPCA-12, RS-CNL and RS-CNL3
RS-VCM (Picture) Quarter-turn Hook and Loop Cable Managers Includes roll of (10) 457mm (18 in.) black hook and loop cable managers and (10) quarter-turn mounting clips
VCM-DR(XX) (Picture) Replacement Door
Use (XX) to specify width: 6 = 152mm (6 in.), 12 = 304mm (12 in.)
VCM-FGR-6 (Picture) 152mm (6 in.) Vertical Cable Manager Replacement Fingers, 9U, Set of 2
VP-SPL (Picture) Quarter-turn Fiber Management Spool, Bag of 5
1U = 44.5mm (1.75 in.)
See Cable Management Capacity Table

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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