Reusable Hook And Loop Cable Managers

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These cable managers are simple, yet extremely effective when used to bundle cables. To accommodate different sized bundles, they are available in 152mm (6 in.), 305mm (12 in.), or 457mm (18 in.) lengths. They can be easily loosened and removed to service cable and then tightened and reinstalled when the cables are rebundled. The handy dispenser rolls/spools are neat, convenient and quick. Adjustable tension prevents "over-cinched" conditions. A mounting hole in each hook and loop manager enables the manager to be mounted to a wall or rack.


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Wrap-around cable managers offer a simplified approach to cable management... secure it to a single cable and then wrap it around the entire bundle.
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Hook and Loop cable managers have a large head for added strength and a mounting hole is included for securing to a wall or rack.
Technical Tip!
Hook and loop cable managers are recommended as an alternate to plastic cable ties for the reduction of alien crosstalk in 10G 6 UTP installations.

Part Numbers

VCM-25-(XX)-01 (Picture) Roll of 25 hook and loop cable managers, Black
VCM-250-(XX)-01 (Picture) Spool of 250 hook and loop cable managers, Black
Use 1st (XX) to specify length:
06 = 152mm (6 in.), holds 51mm (2 in.) diameter cable bundle
12 = 305mm (12 in.), holds 102mm (4 in.) diameter cable bundle
18 = 457mm (18 in.), holds 153mm (6 in.) diameter cable bundle

See Cable Management Capacity Table

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