Category 5e MC Shielded Modular Cords


Siemon's shielded MC 5e modular cords are manufactured using stranded shielded cable that meets all category 5e specifications. Modular plugs have an overall shield and meet TIA-968-A and IEC 60603-7 specifications. T568A/B wired assemblies include colored strain-relief boots and are available in a wide range of lengths.

  • Universal Wiring - Compatible with T568A/B wiring schemes
  • Latch Guard - Boots feature a latch guard to protect plug from snagging when pulling through pathways or cable managers
  • Color Options - Variety of color options available for circuit identification
  • Superior Quality - Quality plug components ensure long-term resistance to corrosion from humidity, extreme temperatures, and airborne contaminants


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Factory-Tested Cords are factory terminated and transmission tested to ensure compliance with applicable standards requirements.
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Excellent Bend Relief Boot ensures proper bend relief.

Part Numbers

MC5S-(XX)M-(XX)L (Picture) Category 5e shielded MC, double-ended 4-pair stranded modular cord, color matching jacket/boot, T568A/B, LSOH

Use 1st (XX) to specify length: 01 = 1m (3.3 ft.), 1.5 = 1.5m (4.9 ft.), 02 = 2m (6.6ft.), 03 = 3m (9.8 ft.), 04 = 4m (13.1 ft.), 05 = 5m (16.4 ft.)

Use 2nd (XX) to specify jacket/boot color: 01 = Black, 02 = White, 03 = Red, 04 = Gray, 05 = Yellow, 06 = Blue, 07 = Green, 08 = Violet, 09 = Orange

Add "B" to end of part number for bulk project pack of 100 cords.

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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