Premium 6 Solid Single-Ended Modular Cords

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Siemon's Premium 6 solid single-ended modular (IC) cords are designed for use in Premium 6 installations requiring a consolidation point (CP) or cross-connect (as an equipment cord). The Premium 6 IC cords are 100% factory transmission tested to 250 MHz and feature the same plug construction used in stranded modular cords. These cords are available in CMP and CMR versions and are single-ended for direct termination.

Part of the System 6 cabling system.

Part Numbers

IC6E-8(X)-(XX)-B(XX) (Picture) Premium 6 IC, single-ended, non-plenum, 4-pair UTP solid modular cord, blue jacket with colored boot, CMR
IC6E-8(X)-(XX)-B(XX)P (Picture) Premium 6 IC, single-ended, plenum, 4-pair UTP solid modular cord, blue plenum jacket with colored boot, CMP

Use (X) to specify wiring type: A = T568B, T = T568A
Use 1st (XX) to specify cord length: 10 = 3.1m (10 ft.), 20 = 6.1m (20 ft.), 30 = 9.1m (30 ft.), 40 = 12.2m (40 ft.), 50 = 15.2m (50 ft.), 60 = 18.3m (60 ft.)
Use 2nd (XX) to specify color of boot: 01 = black, 02 = white, 03 = red, 04 = gray, 05 = yellow, 06 = blue, 07 = green

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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