Category 6 and 5e Modular Plugs


Category 6Category 5e Compatible

Siemon offers a selection of modular plugs for patching, work area applications and cabling to end devices. Modular plugs can be terminated to exact cable length to maintain a neater and more organanized installation. All plug contacts have 50 microinches minimum of gold plating over nickel and meet TIA-1096 and IEC 60603-7 specifications. All plugs are compatible with Siemon's PT-908 crimp tool.

  • 50 microinches of gold plating.
  • Optional boot for strain relief and latch protection.
  • Category 6 performance

Individual Components

  1. Plug body
  2. Wire isolator
  3. Load bar
  4. Boot (sold separately)
Technical Tip!
Factory terminated and tested modular cords are required to achieve consistent channel performance. Field termination is not recommended.

Part Numbers

P-6-4 (Picture) 6-position modular plug with 4 contacts*
P-6-6 (Picture) 6-position modular plug with 6 contacts*
P-8-8 (Picture) 8-position modular plug with 8 contacts
P6U-8-8 (Picture) Plug, Cat 6, UTP, 8 Positon, Bag of 50
P6U-BOOT (Picture) Optional Boot, Cat 6, for P6U-8-8, Bag of 50
PS-8-8 (Picture) 8-position shielded modular plug with 8 contacts
*Siemon 6-position plugs provide empty slots in the outer positions to prevent deformation of jack pins 1 & 8 when inserted into an 8-position modular jack.

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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