Category 5e and 3 25-Pair Cable Assemblies

Category 5e and 3 25-Pair Cable Assemblies Enlarge this image
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Our 25-pair cable assemblies are factory-tested for opens, shorts, and continuity. They feature TIA-968-A compliant gold plated contacts for extended reliability over time. Category 3 connector ends are available in single-ended male or female, double-ended male or female, or one male/one female configurations. All 25-pair cable assemblies are made with TIA/EIA-568-B.2 category 5e or 3 compliant cable.

Part Numbers

A25B-DE-(XX) (Picture) 25-pair, double-ended, cable assembly with female connectors
A25B-SE-(XX) (Picture) 25-pair, single-ended, cable assembly with one female connector
B25A-(XX) (Picture) 25-pair, double-ended, cable assembly with one male and one female connector
B25B-DE-(XX) (Picture) 25-pair, double-ended, cable assembly with male connectors
B25B-SE-(XX) (Picture) 25-pair, single-ended, cable assembly with one male connector
QP25M-AA-(XX) (Picture) 25-pair, double ended cable assembly with 110 degree angled male connectors

Use (XX) to specify length: 05 = 1.52m (5 ft.), 10 = 3.05m (10 ft.), 15 = 4.57m (15 ft.), 25 = 7.62m (25 ft.)


Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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