TERA-MAX Patch Panels


TERA-MAX 19 inch patch panels harness unprecedented performance and reliability in a shielded, modular solution. Any combination of TERA or hybrid shielded Z-MAX™ modules (in flat orientation) can be configured in TERA-MAX panels. In addition to standard flat TERA-MAX panels, angled versions are also offered to support high-density applications.

As outlets are snapped into place, resilient ground tabs and ground lugs assure that each outlet and cable is properly grounded for maximum protection against outside interference.

No secondary grounding operations are required, reducing overall installation time. Built-in cable management and strain relief features are integrated onto the rear of panel.

  • Lightweight, high strength steel with black or metallic finish
  • Bold port numbering enables quick identification of outlets
  • Panels can be mounted directly on standard 19 inch rack or cabinet
  • ANSI/EIA-310-D compliant
  • Individual modules easily snap into place, providing integrated grounding without additional steps
  • Angled TERA-MAX patch panels allows direct routing of cables to vertical managers, eliminating the need for horizontal cable managers

Part of the Category 7/7A TERA cabling system.

Part of the Category 6A Shielded Z-MAX cabling system.


Integrated Grounding
Integrated Grounding
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Panels feature integrated grounding via resilient ground tabs engaged during module insertion
Single Outlet Solution
Single Outlet Solution
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Use 1- or 2-pair TERA patch cords for sharing multiple applications over each 4-pair TERA cable/outlet saving significant material and installation cost.
Future Flexibility
Future Flexibility
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Use TERA, or hybrid shielded Z-MAX modules (in flat orientation) in TERA-MAX patch panel for telecommunications room applications


Compatibility: TERA-MAX panels are designed for use with hybrid (flat/angled) shielded Z-MAX outlets, shielded MAX or TERA outlets.

Technical Tip!
When using with TERA, 1- or 2-pair TERA patch cords allow for sharing multiple applications over each 4-pair cable/outlet saving significant material and installation cost.

Part Numbers

TM-PNLZ-24 (Picture) 24-port TERA-MAX panel, metallic, 1U
TM-PNLZ-24-01 (Picture) 24-port TERA-MAX panel, black, 1U
TM-PNLZA-24 (Picture) 24-port Angled TERA-MAX panel, metallic, 1U
TM-PNLZA-24-01 (Picture) 24-port Angled TERA-MAX panel, black, 1U
Panels include designation labels, cable ties and mounting hardware.

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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