MAX Patch Panels


MAX series panels are sold empty, see the HD series panels for loaded versions

MAX patch panels provide a flexible, high density modular termination solution for the datacenter and telecommunications room. Using the full line of UTP Z-MAX and MAX modules (available separately), the panel can be configured for a variety of multimedia applications. Blank modules can be used to reserve ports for future capacity.

  • Panels can be mounted directly to fit a standard 19 inch relay rack or cabinet
  • Modules utilize Siemon's colored icons for easy identification and administration
  • Available in 16-, 24- 48-, and 72-port configurations
  • Bold port numbering enables quick and ready identification of outlets
  • Write-on area provided for panel designation
  • Multimedia capability ­ mix and match many different types of connectors
  • Lightweight, high strength brushed aluminum with black protective finish

Part of the System 6 cabling system.


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Individual modules snap into place from front or rear of panel for added installation flexibility
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Removable designation labels can be laser printed and enable proper circuit identification for each port
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Rear cable management bar included for routing horizontal cables to terminations
Technical Tip!
Use flat MAX modules for patch panel applications.

Part Numbers

MAX Series Patch Panels: Angled
MX-PNLA-24 (Picture) 24-port angled panel, 1 RMS
MX-PNLA-48 (Picture) 48-port angled panel, 2 RMS
MAX Series Patch Panels: Flat
MX-PNL-16 (Picture) 16-port panel, 1 RMS
MX-PNL-24 (Picture) 24-port panel, 1 RMS
MX-PNL-48 (Picture) 48-port panel, 2 RMS
MX-PNL-72 (Picture) 72-port panel, 2 RMS
Siemon's MAX series angled patch panels route cables directly into the vertical cable managers eliminating the need for horizontal cable management between panels.
Angled MAX panels are not recommended for use with RS3 rack series. Use the RS series racks.
Note: 1 RMS = 44.5mm (1.75 in.)

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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