Ruggedized LC Fiber Plug


Siemon's Ruggedized LC Plug provides a robust fiber connection in virtually any harsh environment. The plug comes with two multimode and singlemode LC fiber connectors, Siemon's patented Ruggedized plug housing, specialized fiber bend relief boot and heavy duty strain relief crimp components. The plug can be field terminated using our LightSpeed termination kits. In addition to providing robust IP66/IP67 protection, cable to plug strain relief has been dramatically improved over standard fiber jumpers. Typical strain relief is well over 250 Newtons (56 lbs), which is over 50% better than standard LC jumpers. This added protection ensures that cable assemblies will survive incidental contact during the course of normal use.

Part Numbers

XPLC2-MM (Picture) Ruggedized LC fiber plug, multimode, duplex. Includes two multimode LC connectors
XPLC2-MM-AQ (Picture) Ruggedized LC fiber plug, multimode, duplex. Includes two aqua multimode LC connectors
XPLC2-SM (Picture) Ruggedized LC fiber plug, singlemode, duplex. Includes two singlemode LC connectors
Industrial LC fiber plug accepts 2 strand, round, breakout style fiber optic cable with O.D. ranges from 5mm - 8mm with two 2.4mm - 3.0mm jacketed subunits.
Patent Pending

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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