Ruggedized LC Fiber Adapters


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The Siemon Ruggedized LC Fiber solution provides a robust fiber connection with an IP66/IP67-rated seal and is ideal for protecting fiber connections in laboratory environments, hospitals, food processing plants and other harsh environments.

The Siemon Ruggedized Fiber solution is ideal for installations requiring extended distances, in close proximity to heavy sources of EMI, or where fiber active equipment is used.

Part Numbers

XLC-MM (Picture) Ruggedized LC bulkhead fiber adapter, multimode, duplex, beige adapter.
XLC-SM (Picture) Ruggedized LC bulkhead fiber adapter, singlemode, duplex, blue adapter
XLCQ-MM (Picture) Ruggedized LC bulkhead fiber adapter, multimode, duplex, aqua adapter
Note: Bulkhead adapters feature bayonetstyle mating on the front of the adapter and a standard LC interface on the rear for use with sealed work area faceplates or fully sealed enclosures where the rear of the adapter is protected from the environment.
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