ST Simplex Connectors


The ST connector employs a rugged metal bayonet coupling ring with radial ramps which facilitate engagement to the studs of the mating adapter. Two ST connectors are available for jacketed fiber, one with a beige boot and one with a black boot. The two colors enable easy identification of the fibers when terminating individual connectors to form a duplex jumper.

Part Numbers

FC1-SA-MM-B80 (Picture) Buffered fiber, beige boot
FC1-SA-MM-J01 (Picture) Jacketed fiber, black boot
FC1-SA-MM-J80 (Picture) Jacketed fiber, beige boot
FC1-SA-SM-B02  Singlemode, buffered fiber, white boot
FC1-SA-SM-B06  Singlemode, buffered fiber, blue boot
FC1-SA-SM-J02  Singlemode, jacketed fiber, white boot
FC1-SA-SM-J06  Singlemode, jacketed fiber, blue boot

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