SC Duplex Connectors


SC connectors have a duplexing clip, which allows each connector to be removed individually. In the event fiber polarity is reversed during termination, there's no need to discard the connector. Simply remove connectors from the clip and switch to correct the mistake, saving valuable installation time and money. The duplexing clip also speeds troubleshooting. In the event there's a fault with a single connection, an individual connector can be removed from the clip and re-terminated without disturbing the adjacent connector.

Part of the LightSystem (1 Gb/s) Fiber cabling system.

Part Numbers

Multimode (XGLO and LightSystem)

FC2-SC-MM-B12 SC duplex connector, aqua, buffered fiber, two aqua boots
FC2-SC-MM-B80 SC duplex connector, beige, buffered fiber, two beige boots
FC2-SC-MM-J12 SC duplex connector, aqua, jacketed fiber, one aqua and one white boot
FC2-SC-MM-J SC duplex connector, beige, jacketed fiber, one black boot and one beige boot
FC2-SC-EM-J16 SC duplex connector, erika violet, jacketed fiber,one erika violet and one white boot
FC2-SC-EM-B16 SC duplex connector, erika violet,buffer fiber,two erika violet boots

Singlemode (XGLO)

FC2-SC-SM-B06 SC duplex connector, blue, buffered fiber, two blue boots
FC2-SC-SM-J06 SC duplex connector, blue, jacketed fiber, two blue boots

Part Numbers

FC2-SC-MM-B80 (Picture) Multimode, duplex, buffered fiber, two beige boots
FC2-SC-MM-J (Picture) Multimode, duplex, jacketed fiber, one black boot and one beige boot
FC2-SC-SM-B02  Singlemode, duplex, buffered fiber, white boot
FC2-SC-SM-B06  Singlemode, duplex, buffered fiber, blue boot
FC2-SC-SM-J02  Singlemode, duplex, jacketed fiber, white boot
FC2-SC-SM-J06  Singlemode, duplex, jacketed fiber, blue boot

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