LightSpeed SC and ST Fiber Termination Kit


Achieve faster fiber terminations and higher performance with Siemon's LightSpeed Termination Kit. The Siemon fiber termination kit contains all the tools required for termination of singlemode or multimode ST or SC connectors ­ packaged in a rugged canvas carrying case. Use the optional LC Upgrade Kit for LC connector terminations. All consumables are available in a separate consumables kit. Some select tools and other termination products supplied with the kit can be ordered separately.

The consumables kit includes Siemon's LightSpeed adhesive system, which features a 30-second cure time. The adhesive is tinted green to provide an easy visual indication during the termination process and has an extended 1- year shelf life.

  • The case is constructed using a durable, black canvas material and designed with interior padded pouches and exterior velcro -flap pockets providing security plus easy access to all items
  • A universal polishing puck is used for both ST and SC connectors
  • All tools, consumables and accessories are of the highest quality for durability and ease of use, for example:
    • Miller buffer stripper
    • Scissors are designed to cut kevlar with ease
    • Alcohol dispenser is a resealable pump-type
  • A universal jack stripper is used for stripping simplex fiber cable with a cable diameter range of .75mm to 4.0mm
  • A large, non-slip visible surface work mat is included. The mat is constructed of a soft black material and is ideal for making fiber terminations


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New cleave tool features a double-sided sapphire blade to provide twice the usable life.
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The primer is supplied in a conveniently sized 2 dram bottle. It needs no drying time after fiber is dipped and the non-solvent base will not evaporate readily.
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Ergonomic crimp tool with 3-position crimp die (included) for performing jacketed style termination with ST, SC, and LC type connectors.

Part Numbers

FTERM-L2 (Picture) Fiber termination kit for ST/SC multimode and singlemode connectors. Includes carrying case and all tools required for jacketed and buffered style terminations. Does not include any items found in the consumables kit.
*All consumables including primer, adhesive and polishing films are contained in the consumables kit and must be ordered separately.

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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