LightSpeed Fiber Consumables Kit

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The termination kit includes Siemon's LightSpeed adhesive system, which features a 30-second cure time. The adhesive is tinted green to provide an easy visual indication during the termination process and has an extended 1-year shelf life.

Part Numbers

FT-ADH-L (Picture) Adhesive Syringe (5cc)
FT-ALPAD (Picture) Alcohol pads
FT-CKIT-L2 (Picture) Consumables kit for use with fiber termination kit (FTERM-L2). Includes enough consumables to perform a minimum of 200 multimode or singlemode terminations
FT-FF (Picture) Finishing film, white
FT-PF1 (Picture) 1µm air polish film, purple
FT-PF12 (Picture) 12µm air polish film, gray
FT-PF3 (Picture) 3µm air polish film, pink
FT-PF6 (Picture) 6µm recovery film, bronze
FT-PRBOT-L (Picture) Primer bottle (3.5mL)
FT-SYRMTIP (Picture) Syringe tip needles w/covers
FT-WIPES (Picture) Dry lint-free wipes
*This product contains material with a time and temperature sensitive shelf life.
Store between 40 - 100 degrees F (4.4 - 38.5°C) and verify expiration date marked on product prior to use (1 year from date of purchase from Siemon.)
**This recovery film is optional and not included with the consumables kit.
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