RIC/SWIC3/FCP3 Fiber Splice Modules


Siemon Splice Modules provide an interface between bulk cable and LC duplex jumpers that connect directly to active equipment. The splice modules are offered in ribbon or 900um tight buffer pigtail options. These modules allow mass-fusion splicing of ribbon pigtails directly to ribbon cable or 900um tight buffer pigtails to loose fiber cable. The splice modules are designed using Siemon¿s Quick-Pack footprint and work in conjunction with Siemon¿s Expanded RIC or FCP3 fiber enclosures.

  • Color Coded Fibers ­- Allows for like-color fibers to be fusion spliced on each side of the channel to eliminate confusion
  • Jacketed Pigtail -­ Available in ribbon or 900um tight buffer fiber
  • Quick-Pack Splice Modules -­ Can be inserted or removed with a single finger for quick and easy access
  • LC Interface -­ Available in 12 or 24 fibers
  • Strain Relief -­ Cable passes through strain relief boot at the rear of the module and is preterminated to an LC connector plugged into the back of the LC adapter. Custom designed boot maintains bend radius for the fiber exiting the modules

Expanded RIC Fiber Enclosures - The fiber splice modules can be used in Siemon¿s Expanded RIC or FCP3 fiber enclosures.

Part Numbers

FSM(X)-(XX)-LC(XX)-01(X)  Fiber Splice Module

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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