System 6 UTP LSOH Cable (IEC 60332-3C) - International


System 6 cable provides significant headroom above all ANSI/TIA and ISO/IEC category 6/class E transmission performance specifications. Combine our high performance category 6 connectivity with System 6 cable and the result is a system with superior electrical performance for optimum applications support.

This cable has been formulated to meet IEC 60332-3C which is a more demanding flammability specification for bundled cables.

  • Center isolation member maintains pair geometry before, during and after installation for optimal NEXT performance
  • Sequential measurement marking on jacket
  • LS0H-3C jacket

Part of the System 6 cabling system.

Part Numbers

9C6H4-E3  System 6 UTP 4-Pair Solid Cable, LS0H (IEC 60332-3-24), Violet Jacket, 305m (1000 ft) Reel-in-Box
9C6J4-E3  System 6 UTP 4-Pair Solid Cable, LS0H (IEC 60332-3-25), Violet Jacket, 305m (1000 ft) Reel-in-Box

Other cable lengths also available: Add ¿-5CR¿ for 500m (1640 ft.) Reel, ¿-1KR¿ for 1000m (3,281 ft.) Reel

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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