Category 6 System 6 UTP 4-Pair Cable E3 Class B2ca - EMEA


System 6 cable provides significant headroom above all ISO/IEC and ANSI/TIA Category 6 Class E transmission performance specifications. Combine our high performance category 6 connectivity with System 6 cable and the result is a system with superior electrical performance for optimum applications support. In addition this cable has been formulated to meet the stringent CPR Class rating of B2ca, s1a, d1, a1.

Part Numbers

9C6B24-E3-08R1A  LSOH, violet jacket, Class B2ca, 305m (1000 ft.) Reel
Other cable lengths also available: Add "-5CR" for 500m (1640 ft.) reel, "-1KR" for 1000m (3280 ft.) reel. Other colors also available with applicable MOQ's.

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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