Category 6 Premium 6 UTP Cable - US


Siemon's Premium 6 cable provides performance exceeding category 6 transmission levels. Combine our high performance category 6 connectivity with Premium 6 cable and the result is a system with superior electrical performance for optimum application support.

Part Numbers

9C6P4-E4-(XX)-RBA  Premium 6 Plenum 4-Pair UTP Cable (CMP, CSA Type FT6), Plenum, 1000 ft. Reel-In-Box
9C6R4-E4-(XX)-RBA  Premium 6 Riser 4-Pair UTP Cable (CMR, CSA Type FT4), Riser, 1000 ft. Reel-In-Box

Use (XX) to specify jacket color: 02 = white*, 03 = red, 04 = gray, 05 = yellow, 06 = blue*, 07 = green

*Cable colors highlighted in red indicate FOCUS products which are readily available. Other colors may have extended lead times and minimum purchase requirements.

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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