Category 6A UTP Indoor/Outdoor Cable - Global


Siemon's Category 6A UTP Indoor/Outdoor (I/O) cable delivers TIA and ISO/IEC performance requirements for Category 6A/Class EA. The use of GT (Gap Technology) for a discontinuous shield allows for exceptional alien crosstalk and requires no bonding or grounding for simple, efficient installations. This 600V cable with its industrial PVC jacket provides oil and sunlight resistance along with reliable cold bend performance. These features make this robust cable designed to support the latest applications in the industrial environment for light to medium duty and static industrial applications. Being CMR and CMX rated, this cable transistions easily from indoor to outdoor environments. Ideal for use in both indoor riser/cable tray and outdoor applications such as outdoor security cameras, WAP's, and parking garages where cable is not subject to long term emersion. This cable is not suitable for direct burial applications.

Part of the Category 6A UTP Z-MAX cabling system.

Part Numbers

9U6W4-A5-12-R1A  Category 6A UTP Indoor/Outdoor, 23AWG, Teal, 305m (1000 ft.) Reel.

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