Category 6A GT UTP 4-Pair Cable - North America



Siemon's Category 6A Gap Technology (GT) UTP cable features a discontinuous foil construction which enables a typical UTP installation process and smaller cable diameter while providing improved heat dissipation and virtually zero alien crosstalk. These properties make this cable ideal for supporting applications using both remote powering and 10 Gb/s application speeds such as IEEE 802.11ac or IEEE 802.11ax wireless access points or other high speed emerging or converging IP building automation technologies.

Part of the Category 6A UTP Z-MAX cabling system.

Part Numbers

9U6(X)4-A5-(XX)-R1A  305m (1000 ft.) Reel (North America Only)

(X) Jacket Material - P = Plenum (CMP, CSA FT6), R = Riser (CMR, CSA FT4)
(XX) Jacket Color - 01 = Black, 02 = White, 03 = Red, 04 = Gray, 05 = Yellow, 06 = Blue, 07 = Green, 08 = Violet, 09 = Orange

Lead time and minimum order quantities may vary by cable type. Please contact Customer Service for details.

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