Field-Terminated B Series S66 Blocks

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Field-Terminated B Series S66 Blocks are available in 6 X 4, 6 X 6, 6 X 12, and 6 X 50 configurations.

Part Numbers

S66B1-12 (Picture) Pair Capacity: 12, Quick Clip: 843
S66B1-6 (Picture) Pair Capacity: 6, Quick Clip: 848
S66B3-4 (Picture) Pair Capacity: 4, Quick Clip: 843
S66B3-50 (Picture) Pair Capacity: 50, Quick Clip: 843
S66B3-6 (Picture) Pair Capacity: 6, Quick Clip: 843 Includes CV-6 cover
S66B3-75 (Picture) Pair Capacity: 75, Quick Clip: 842
S66B4-2 (Picture) Pair Capacity: 2, Quick Clip: 848
S66B4-25 (Picture) Pair Capacity: 25, Quick Clip: 848
S66B4-3 (Picture) Pair Capacity: 3, Quick Clip: 848

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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